About Me

Laura Carr

My background. I attained my Masters of Psychology with a Jungian Depth Psychology emphasis at Sonoma State University in 2019.  Immediately after school, I completed my training in developmental, relational and complex trauma with the NARM Training Institute where I am a certified practitioner.  I recently completed the Master’s level training in NARM which was a year-long training learning to work with clients that fall into the Personality Disorder spectrum such as Borderline and Narcissism. I will begin the post-masters training in the NARM model in late 2021 to complete my trauma training. I have also been trained by the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in facilitating groups of 8-10 people to help them work to work through acute trauma caused by natural disasters. I teach 12-week mind-body skills to help people find their resilience and help them to experience post-traumatic growth. I am in a doctoral program to receive my Ph.D. in Media Psychology completing my research in trauma and apply it to documentary filmmaking. 


In addition to my work as a trauma coach, I stay active raising my two teenage children in Northern California. When I am not working, I enjoy snowboarding in the winter and playing golf all year.